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Angela’s Astro Reading: 15th October 2021

We kick Friday off in a generous mood for partnership – Jupiter, the planet of expansion and currently moving in Aquarius Trines Sun in Libra. Trines are harmonious, supportive interactions that magnify the aspects of each planet. 

Both are in Air Signs so get ready for heart opening, fun, and flirty conversations. The atmosphere will be loud and light. Watch for Sunday as we get one last challenging obstacle before Mercury, the planet of communication moves out of its retrograde. 

Pluto steps into a difficult angle to the Sun, meaning secrets and power struggles become a theme. As always try to appreciate struggle as a growth opportunity. Recharge your optimism and confidence over the weekend and bravely face whatever shadow work Pluto brings along. We are just wrapping up an intensive healing period for relationships of all manner. Stay in this momentum and move those dreaded difficult conversations out of your way. Pluto’s popup could also mean that you should wait and not overshare your plans until Mercury goes direct. 

This week finally sees Mercury and Jupiter coming out of retrograde on the 18th, bringing all slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) back into forward motion. 
Big life plans and areas of your chart where these planets are active are now infused with new energy and drive, especially financial planning and relationships. To find out how you will benefit the most, book an extended Astro Reading with me and watch out for upcoming Astro workshops! 

This week’s Moon Energy Workshop for example will shed light on the emotional and intuitive influence of this planet, a wonderful timing as we move through the second half of partnership-loving Libra season. 

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