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Angela’s Astro Reading: 1st October 2021

October starts and will spend most of Libra season with Mercury in retrograde from the 27th of September until the 18th of October. Often misjudged as a scary time of doom and disaster, Mercury retrogrades do bring their challenges in the sector of communication however most of all they are an invitation to pause and review. 

Have you been feeling slightly off this past week? Have you been making silly mistakes or finding you just cannot get your words out? Hellooooo retrograde!

A retrograde is nothing more than a look into the past. This is a beautiful opportunity to ask Mercury, fast-moving ruler of speech and ideas to soften into Libra, a sign of relationships and harmony. What conversations have you left behind that could be picked up again with kindness and willingness for collaboration? Where can you be the one to extend a peace offering? Do you feel treated unjustly and have been waiting to voice your concern? 

Libra can be very understanding and is also a champion for fairness so you will have this cardinal sign’s leadership qualities to give you the confidence boost you need. The shadow side of this retrograde might make you feel nostalgic about past relationships. 

Your thoughts might turn to the one who got away or your ex-partners (both romantic and career-wise) might suddenly start sliding into your DM’s. Whatever your unspoken story might be, use kind words to wrap it up and move into a smooth start to the Autumn season. 

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