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Angela’s Astro Reading: 22nd October 2021

Take a deep, conscious breath as the weekend begins. Warrior Gods Mars and Pluto, combative and controlling rulers of shadows are in a square, meaning both sides are struggling to dominate the scene on Friday. The result is hot-headedness, mistrust, impatience, power struggles, feeling manipulated or in turn, manipulating others for your benefit. 

Manipulation does not always show up sneaky or forcefully – manipulation can disguise itself as excessive agreeability, emotional dumping, sweet coercion. Still, it leaves a bad taste behind and we could all use a moment of distancing before saying or doing anything drastic today. 

If we consider the light path of this planetary conflict we recognize it as one final pressure push from the universe – the last call to do our work and let go of relationships or aspects of relating which do not serve us anymore. The work could be internal or external, romantic or business-wise. 

Relationship means how we connect to others and we all carry an imprint of pain on some level. ‘The thing to remember is that we have no choice this month but to get with the program of release and reinvent.’ Lena Stevens, thepowerpath. Full Moon in Aries invited us to step bravely into those areas where we are not showing up with enough initiative and the afterglow still lingers until the end of today. 

We enter Scorpio season with mixed feelings on the 23rd. For those of us who have done the work, a new wave of optimism after the full moon will carry us smoothly into the time of the year marked by mysticism, spiritual quests, uncanny intuition, and sensuality. 

All retrogrades have gone direct, meaning major plans that were put on hold since spring, fresh ideas, big commitments, and revelations are suddenly gearing up and falling into place. If you still need some time to integrate this massive month of change and upheaval, take it. 

We need rest and nurturing in order to assimilate and celebrate each step we transitioned into, as small as it may seem. Let the momentum and enthusiasm of others carry you forward if you are still processing and remember that generosity of feeling will reflect itself massively to our favour along this month. Scorpio’s shadow work is jealousy, so do not compare your growth and achievements to others. 

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