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Angela’s Astro Reading: 8th October 2021

Libra marks the midpoint of the annual zodiac cycle, and it is a time for recalibration. As it is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, we’ll have a natural ease to refresh our surroundings and rebalance our relationships. This is a beautiful moment to re-establish a mind-body connection with meditation and mindfulness. 

We just moved out of the Libra new moon, otherwise known as a dark sky as it invites us to look inward and connect with our shadows in relationships. Shadows are the uncomfortable parts of ourselves, our behaviour, the patterns, and triggers we would like to reprogramme. 

What relationships are no longer enriching your life? This can be to people, habits, and beliefs. Luckily we have a string of new classes to give you the opportunity to refresh your routine. Not sure you are in the right level class or feeling uninspired? Ask one of our instructors for an assessment and a recommendation – the Bodytree team love to send you to other brilliant instructors and classes in order to keep you challenged and having fun! 

Lastly, Libra brings the art of diplomacy to difficult conversations we have been avoiding. Learn to let ‘no’ stand as a full sentence and remember to give yourself permission to allow for space and time to strengthen your new decisions. Especially in a retrograde season don’t feel pressured to make immediate decisions. 

New Moons plant seeds which grow over the next two weeks until the full moon brings them to fruition. Enjoy a gorgeous time of increased confidence, willingness to collaborate, a natural draw to the arts and beauty, inspirational ideas and so much more! Vision board, refresh your closet, buy plants, get a haircut, take a calligraphy course, make eye contact… in sum honour the aspects of your life which make you feel beautiful inside and out.

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