Bodytree Body Programme

Bodytree Body (BTB):

Join Anya for this one-hour heart-pumping class, combining intermittent full body sculpting, dance cardio and high intensity intervals for a lean sculpted physique.  Join us to experience the hottest trend in fitness and have a great time while you’re burning and toning!  Don’t forget your trainers!  Minimum fitness level required due to high intensity/impact.  Instructors must be notified of any existing or prior injuries due to the intensity of the sessions.


Bodytree Body Advanced (BTB):

Stepping up from Bodytree Body, this advanced class is for those who are taking their fitness up another gear.


BTB Shred:

Take your strength to the next level. We will use heavier weights and conditioning in a circuit structure and finish with active recovery. The focus is a combination of stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility. Class takes place in studio and in our garden.


BTB Bounce:

Toning & cardio class on trampoline! Amazing for lymphatic drainage and cellulite! Rebounding on a trampoline is a metabolic supporting exercise, which is key to weight loss. Plus it’s so incredibly fun!


BTB Dance Cardio:

Focusing solely on the dance cardio element of Bodytree Body.