Do new students need to be assessed prior to enrolling?

Yes, all new students or students new to a specific technique must be assessed before enrolling in any class, with the exception of Teen Fitness classes. Before the first week of a term, we offer free assessment classes for this purpose. If you miss the assessment classes, please contact our Dance Coordinator to register your child in a single group class where the instructor can properly assess them before enrolling for the term.

Ages for each class are a guideline, but we place students into each class based on their skills, not their age.

A child’s recommended level may change if the instructor feels they would be better suited to a different level. At the end of Term 1, students may be moved at the instructor’s discretion if another level seems more appropriate for Term 2.

Can we drop-in to try a class before enrolling for the term?

All of our kids dance classes are paid by the full term only and no drop-ins are permitted. This allows enrolled students to progress optimally without having to go back to basics in each class.

Teen Fitness classes are paid in a 4 consecutive class package. This will allow teens to stick with the technique long enough to understand the basic forms and movement well enough to understand if they enjoy and are getting benefits from the classes. Often it takes a few classes to get the hang of new movement styles, so taking 4-in-a-row helps teens to make an informed decision.

Can we make-up missed classes once we’ve paid?

Once the term payment has been collected, there is no refund for classes missed. Missed classes may be made-up by attending another class of the same level at either the Bodytree or Saadiyat Beach Club locations if there is space available. If there is not another class of the same level, missed classes may not be made up.

Occasionally teachers may be ill or have an emergency requiring us to find a substitute for the class. We will do our best to find a suitable substitute, but there may be occasions when we’ll have to offer a make-up class at an alternate time instead of offering a sub for a particular class.

We require a minimum of 5 students in each class in order to run the class for the term. If less than 5 are enrolled, the class may be canceled, and you will be offered a refund.

Is there a required dress code?

Yes, all students must adhere to the dress code. We sell limited amounts of leotards, tights, and ballet shoes, and any additional items must be purchased elsewhere. One good option for reasonably priced mail-order dancewear and shoes is www.discountdance.com.

Does Emirates School of Dance do a yearly recital?

We do a yearly spring recital each year, generally in late April or early May. The tuition does not include fees for the recital. In the winter/early spring we will contact every family to give them details of the recital and collect fees.

We also occasionally have opportunities for more advanced students to perform in additional dance recitals at NYU Abu Dhabi in the winter.