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Bodytree has been offering health & wellness to the people of Abu Dhabi since 2007. We offer something unique to the Abu Dhabi wellness market and pride ourselves on having highly trained and experienced instructors across all three disciplines of Yoga, Pilates and Dance. We are passionate about the individual and offer a personalized approach thus distinguishing us from the traditional gym setting. With this in mind, we have created partnerships with some of the best lifestyle consultants in Abu Dhabi.

Suzan Terzian

Nutritional Consultancy at Bodytree Studio

– Dhs 400 per hour long session

– Packages are available

– Email or call 024434448 to find out more or make a booking

Food affects our bodies, minds and emotions. In a world where nutrition information is always changing and often contradictory, it can be confusing and difficult to make confident, positive decisions about your health and wellness.

That’s where Suzan comes in. Her philosophy is one that looks at the person as a whole, focusing on the specific needs and lifestyle of every individual and improving the quality of life through their relationship with food. This approach is centered on raising awareness towards negative eating habits, inaccurate perceptions towards food, and identifying their root causes – whether emotional, medical, or due to bad short-term dietary advice and fad diets. Suzan will provide the tips, tricks, and tools to feel great about yourself; make nourishing, confident decisions; reduce your risk of chronic disease; and help you feel more energized and positive in your life.

She works with you to co-create a bespoke journey to transform your dietary thoughts and habits into a successful, healthy future.

1.Balanced weight management by providing individualized nutritional guidance to help clients meet personal health goals

2. Learn the fundamentals of good nutrition and simple clean eating

3. Develop intuitive eating skills and mend behaviors with food

4. Discover ways to make exercise part of a daily routine

5. Increase energy and overall positivity in your life 

About Suzan

Suzan Terzian is a Canadian Nutritionist, based in Abu Dhabi, with over 15 years of professional nutrition consultancy experience.

After graduating with a Foods & Nutrition degree from the University of Western Ontario, Suzan started her career at Windsor Regional Hospital in Canada, before moving to Abu Dhabi in 2000 to launch her private nutrition consultation practice.

After taking a few years to become a full-time mother of 3 very active children, Suzan is now back to doing what she does best – helping people achieve their personal wellness goals one client at a time. As a lover of all things nutrition, Suzan continues to learn and add to her education, now through the program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Suzan is also a published wellness & nutrition writer whose articles have appeared in several magazines including “Zahrat Al Khaleej”, “Good Living” and “Emirates Woman”. She has also been invited as an expert panelist on several TV and radio shows to spread her message of health & wellness.

“I believe that sometimes people are stuck in an unhealthy cycle and may not know how to get themselves out of their rut. Nutrition is so much more than just what we eat; it’s how we live and think. I have an immense passion for helping people reach their full wellness potential and truly believe that everyone can integrate steps to becoming a healthier, happier and more positive version of themselves. My goal is to help people overcome their challenges one step at a time and help bring them closer to positivity and a happier self.”

Reiki with Heidi

Reiki is a powerful Japanese natural healing technique that can restore and replenish vital energy to the body at the physical, mental and emotional levels to reduce stress and encourage general relaxation while promoting overall wellbeing.

A form of energy healing, hands are placed off the body or lightly touching the body. The intention is to create deep relaxation treating the physical body and mind together strengthening the body’s own ability to heal. Reiki is a safe, simple, non-invasive and natural method that can be received by anyone; it is not a religion and will work regardless of one’s belief system.

Accepted and utilized in USA hospitals to compliment traditional medical treatment and therapies, Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy” and is pronounced, Ray-Key.


+ Reduced stress
+ Reduced pain & physical discomfort
+ Balanced emotions
+ Increased intuitive awareness
+ Improved sleep
+ Enhanced mental clarity
+ Strengthened immune system
+ Relieved side effects of medications
+ Accelerated healing following- surgery, illness, injury


Heidi Elmaarouf RN
Reiki Practitioner +971-50-742-0930
IG: Natural Healing with Reiki

In addition to having more than 30 years of experience as a registered nurse in the USA, the UAE and parts of Africa, Heidi has been a Reiki Practitioner since 2010.


+ A sense of deep relaxation & peacefulness
+ Different emotions
+ Feeling warmth or other pleasant sensations
+ You may receive the energy without any noticeable physical experience

Contact: email or call 02 443 4448 to make a booking


Life Coaching with Heidi



A thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to tap into your true potential, unlocking your sources of creativity and productivity. It is
a life-changing experience that will dramatically improve your outlook on life. Learn how to make decisions that create an effective, balanced, and fulfilling life. You may want more simplicity, balance, joy, or less stress, less anxiety, less sadness, less self-doubt.


Heidi facilitates a means that leads to self- discovery, elicits client- generated solutions and strategies, and helps keep your thinking positive, focused and future-oriented. Heidi knows the right questions to ask and has the tools and techniques to empower you to find those answers within yourself. You are the ultimate expert in your life! You know who you are, what you need and what is best for you. Take that leap in transforming yourself from an observer to a creator.

When there is no conflict within you, the sky is the limit. You are free to fly and explore your options while feeling empowered to take-action, go after what you desire, to achieve your ideal life. Live your life by design. Feel your passion. Know you are the dreamer and the dream catcher.

Individuals who partner with life coaches have reported several benefits including: improved – self- confidence 80%; communication skills 72%; life/ work balance 67%

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

Contact: email or call 02 443 4448 to make a booking

90 minute session Investment: Dhs 500

Heidi Elmaarouf RN Life Coach/NLP Practitioner Reiki Practitioner +971-50-742-0930

In addition to being a Life Coach/NLP Practitioner and a Reiki practitioner, Heidi has more than 30 years of experience as a registered nurse in the USA, the UAE and parts of Africa.

Private Consultations with Jacquelene Sadek 

Private Hatha, Kundalini and Yin Yoga

Ha meaning Sun, Tha meaning moon. This is a practice that is more fluid where you hold postures for a minute in order to detox internal organs. Being physical and muscular in nature with each movement, we synchronise with breath leading to meditation.

Kundalini means coiled snake. The practice of kundalini is to uncoil what is coiled, beginning at the base of the spine (base chakra) to awaken our higher self. A science combining pure energy and spiritual philosophy targeting the endocrine, auto immune and immune systems. By activating each chakra (wheel/vortex/energy centre) in the spine we can reach a state of bliss health peace and happiness!

Yin (opposite to Yang) is a deep practice where the minimum hold of each posture is five minutes. This allows us to move past muscle and activate fascia (connective tissue), bones ligaments, joints and meridians in the body to connect to healing of the body and also the internal organs in order to release long held stories and disease within the body. It is a deeply reflective and contemplative practice that honours the cycles of nature through the seasons and times of the day that each correspond to a particular organ allowing us to tune into the cyclical rhythm of our own body.

Reiki Healing

Reiki meaning laying of hands is a Japanese form of healing mind body and spirit to allow the life force energy to flow through us.If this energy is low the energy body tends to feel blocked and a sensation of cold is felt by the practitioner. There more energy that is released, the higher the vibration and the sensation of heat is felt by the practitioner and client inducing serenity health and free flow of energy. Crystals are placed along each chakra (energy centre in the spine) and at the end of the session the client will be able to feel where there is a blockage or flow of energy in the body.

CounsellingJacquie previously worked as a Lifeline counsellor dealing with mental illness, depression and suicide. Learn the tools that can empower each individual to heal their mind, body and soul based on skills that can be implemented in daily life. Private therapeutic yoga sessions are also available; Jacquie will work to heal an injury or trauma within the body or psyche through deliberate and specific postures catering to the needs of the individual.


Aromatherapy is about understanding the physical, emotional and spiritual properties of essential oils as a holistic way of healing the mind body and spirit naturally. Jacquie works to synergise blends based on their chemical, physical and subtle composition so that you can receive the maximum benefit of aromatherapy.

Please enquire at reception or email for more details including pricing