Our skin is a great communicator of our feelings and mental state. It mirrors extreme emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, excitement, and happiness, and has a unique way of responding to pressure. For example, our cheeks turn pink as we blush, and our ears feel hot and red when we feel embarrassed and humiliated.

Fear makes the skin look pale, and sadness can often bring dullness and unwanted crinkles in the skin. Together with blood circulation and hormonal ups and downs, the skin is an excellent indicator of our emotions and science has gone an extra mile proving it.

Recent research by Dr. Anthony Bewley, a popular dermatologist, proved that self-healing practices like meditation, breath control, and mindfulness, have profound benefits on skin conditions like eczema, acne, dry skin, and psoriasis.

This branch of study, popularly called psychodermatology, explores how the skin reacts to internal stress and how stress-reduction through meditation impacts it. Some studies revealed that when individuals with psoriasis attended guided meditation sessions or listened to soothing pieces of music, they healed a lot faster than others with the same condition.

Besides the direct impact, meditation also adds glow and youthfulness to the skin by curing allied health conditions. For example, gastric ulcers, insomnia, regular headache or migraine, hypertension or low blood pressure, and chronic pain are common issues that negatively reflect on our skin tone.

Daily meditation helps in reducing these anomalies and subsequently helps in slowing down the aging process of the skin, making us look younger and brighter naturally.

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Written by Madhuleena Roy Chowdhury, BA

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Za Rah Kumara, the Healing Artist, Light Priestess, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Singer, and a clinical Psychotherapist is coming to Abu Dhabi for the first time.

After finalizing the recording of her new album on Kauai, the most spiritual island of Hawaii, Za Rah is spending her time in Los Angeles attending the classes and downloads of her dear friend Tej Khalsa of Nine Treasures Yoga, a beacon of light in Hollywood. 

Remaining the lifelong student, Za Rah travels the world spreading her kundalini practice and channeling the universal love always so present in her teachings.

Celebrating Men’s Health Awareness month, we have asked Za Rah to share some of her thoughts on why so many men feel drawn to kundalini yoga: ‘I believe it is the science behind the kundalini yoga that men really can relate to, but also the visible results it brings. When you suffer from insomnia and then suddenly you have a full night sleep after doing a two-hour kundalini practice, there is little left to be explained. Yogi Bhajan said ‘When you don’t go within, you go without’, and I find more and more men are recognizing the need to pause and reflect.’

Za Rah works with the angelic realm, meditative healing arts and with light crystals to harmonize and unblock energies in the physical and subtle bodies. In her classes and international Retreats, she works her healing magic by helping humans and starseeds become their highest selves through her heart-centered and compassionate teachings and life coaching.

 Za Rah specializes in eclectic life coaching, as well as working with the divine feminine, creating mantra music & soundscapes, and holding classes & healing rituals around the world. Zarah was trained in level 1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga by Gurmukh and Tej Kaur Khalsa.

Za Rah will be holding two workshops at Bodytree:
Sunday, 24th November at 19.30: Diving Deep Kundalini Master Class
Tuesday, 26th November at 10.00: New Moon Golden Aura Kundalini Master Class

and is also offering a free gift to our community on:

Monday, 25th November at SBC Beach,  5.30-7.00 am, Sadhana Morning Prayer

What is Zen Meditation?

November 13, 2019