Pre Natal

Bodytree Studio is a welcoming community space for all mums to be.
We continue to have amazing, positive feedback about our pre natal classes, not only just for the physical benefits clients have experienced, but also for the social element the classes provide. It gives women an opportunity to share stories and meet other people going through similar experiences and issues. We often find after these classes the woman congregate in our juice bar, Nectar and talk for hours! Most of our clients have children away from their native homeland and families and these classes are an opportunity to meet people and form a support group, which is of paramount importance post birth!

We also offer an extensive post natal program, plus regular community workshops and pop up classes such as our annual Mummy Market and Baby Show, free pre-natal seminars, and charity events. Check out our upcoming workshops for more details.

Pre Natal

Pre Natal Yoga promotes harmony, joy, trust and self confidence throughout pregnancy through carefully adapted postures to ease aches and pains, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques, while Pre Natal Pilates helps women to feel the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles but also the release, ensuring flexibility.
• Ease common aches and issues associated with pregnancy, such as pelvic pain, sore back, sciatica, swollen joints or breathlessness
• Learn breathing practices to relax the body and mind
• Discover relaxation and meditation techniques for better sleep and more energy
• Align, tone and strengthen your body in preparation for birth
• Apply nourishing postures and movements tailored to your individual needs
• Promote harmony and trust to ease fear and anxiety relating to pregnancy and birth
• Learn movements and practices that you can try at home
• Deepen your understanding of your body and prepare for labour

Pre Natal Yoga is designed to reduce the aches and pains during and after pregnancy in a nurturing and supportive environment. We will focus on special breathing techniques, opening of the hips, preparing the body for birth and assisting the body to recover post birth.

Pre-natal Mat: Pilates
Pilates is one of best forms of exercises to do, both during and after pregnancy, its versatility means it can be adapted at any stage of pregnancy. It will help to increase your abdominal, back, and pelvic floor muscles, thus supporting a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. This class will help keep up your energy levels and aid in maintaining a healthy body weight.

We also offer Pre Natal Pilates on the Reformer – please enquire at reception or by emailing the studio.

Post Natal
Mummy and baby yoga classes nurture and strengthen the bond between baby and mum with lighthearted and effective yoga practices for both of you. With special focus on post-natal yoga for mums, you will tone, align and strengthen the body after birth.
• Friendly and easy activities for mum a baby together
• Gentle baby yoga exercises to help babies with constipation, digestion, relaxation and sleep
• Ease tight shoulders and back ache with simple stretches
• Nurturing mummy yoga specific to your postnatal needs promoting rest
• Tone the body from the inside out with specific post-natal yoga poses & barre exercises, that will help you lose weight and covert fat to muscle

Post Natal Rehabilitation Program

The Bodytree Postnatal Rehabilitation Program will assist you in overcoming postnatal injuries and bring you confidence and strength in a safe and supportive environment. This bespoke program is built to suit your needs and make you feel stronger and more confident.

1. Postnatal Assessment One-on-One
• Postnatal questionnaire: completed prior to the session to allow more time during the consultation to assess and program for you.
• First consultation: physical assessment plus guidelines on exercises you can and should not do
• We will create a plan for your postnatal recovery based on the goals that you want to achieve. We will also give you some handouts to take home with you, including some nutrition basics and recovery exercises at home.

2. Postnatal Classes or Private Sessions
(Pilates focused, but also including functional exercises to help you complete your everyday movements with strength and ease!)
• Next we will recommend whether you should continue with private sessions or join the postnatal group classes.
• In most circumstances, you will be fine to join the group classes. These classes will still cater for your individual needs to help you achieve your goals. You are always welcome to ask questions & seek advice during group classes.

3. Re-Assessment
• We recommend having another private session after 8-12 weeks to assess your progress and make any adjustments that are necessary.

Please enquire at reception or by emailing the studio to book into the program.

Mummy & Baby Yoga
Mummy/Baby Yoga focuses on strengthening the spiritual, emotional and physical bond between parent and child. Using interactive, slow-moving postures the class is ideal for mummies and babies newborn to crawling age. Mummy/Baby Yoga will help carry you smoothly through the busy early months of caring for a new baby.

Mummy & Toddler Yoga – Crawling up to 2 and a half years old
Mummy and Toddler Yoga builds on Mummy and Baby Yoga but is targeted at the next phase of baby’s development and growth process, namely toddlers.

Mummy & Bump Barre
This is a babywearing “Mum and bub” style exercise class designed for new mums and their babies. This mix of basic ballet and pilates exercises focusing on rebuilding strength in the abdominals and pelvic floor as well as increasing flexibility, and toning arms, core, calves, and buns all while bonding with baby. No prior dance or pilates experience is required to participate in class. Classes offer a judgement free zone where new moms can exercise and share the joys and challenges of mommy-hood in a supportive community of other new moms. Don’t forget your baby carrier and non-slip grip socks! No need for a babysitter… bring your baby to the barre! Babies giggling, toys rattling, rounds of milk for all & mama getting fit! That’s what we call a happy hour!!