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Backbending Breakthrough

Backbending Breakthrough

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Through a short philosophy introduction observing spinal function and a hip opening warm up, we will use props to move past fear and confidently explore how to safely flow into backbends. This 90-minute masterclass with Shahad will help you find joy in backbends by learning about your entire back core, while creating space in your spine for energy to flow freely.

Beyond the physical benefits of a healthy spine and the energetic benefits of awakening energy channels along the spine, we will delve into the deeper heart of a backbend.

All levels are welcome, whether you’re a bridge with a block or a full wheel kind of yogi. We will explore the energetics of the heart, build strength with alignment and create awareness in order to safely deepen your backbend.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. There will be something for everyone.

Expect a heart-opening expansive experience!