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Divine Feminine Embodiment Dance

Divine Feminine Embodiment Dance


In this pop-up, we will learn a series of sensual and slow movements to help you connect with your magical feminine energy. 

This is an all levels event meaning that no prior dance skills are required.

You can expect various elements from different dance styles such as Afrobeats, AfroLofi, Calypso Whine, twerk, latin flares, Tam Tam rhythms and other deeply sensual feminine dances.

The main goal of the workshop is for us to have fun, be mindful and connect to our body on a deep intimate level. Through this very sensual style of dance, along with 20 years of dance teaching experience, I aspire to help women feel more comfortable in their body and fall in love with themselves. 

During this workshop you will: 

-Connect to your divine feminine side 

-Learn to tap into this deep soothing energy that is within each and every one of us. 

-Increase your body confidence 

-Fall in love with yourself, and your body and be more comfortable in your skin. 

-Learn to dance in a feminine, sexy and sensual way even if you have no prior dance experience 

-Be amazed at what your own body can accomplish 

-Start romanticising yourself, and your life and live a thriving life. 

-Become a happier and more positive person 

Stephanie’s signature style is deep slow movements that help us connect deeply with our complex female body. She believes the hips to be a sacred portal of unlimited female energy. 

As a result, we will pay a particular focus to various slow and sensual hip movements. 

Thursday 14th & 28th March

7:30pm – 8:45pm

Price: 220AED

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