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Empathic Boundary Setting workshop

Empathic Boundary Setting workshop


The method that Sasha will guide you through to break the pattern of people pleasing and lean into effective boundary setting is one that has transformed her own relationships with her partner, mother, children and colleagues. 

This method has also helped her clients feel more appreciated, seen and valued in their relationships without the need to always be the pleaser. 
Sasha was always hesitant to say what she felt, share her opinion or simply say NO because she felt she would push the other person away and compromise her valuable relationships. 
So she stayed quiet. 
Took on too many things at once. Started to feel burn out which led to building resentment within, over-thinking and complete mental exhaustion in her relationships both personal and professional. 
She would never ask for help because she believed it was better she did it. And asking simply made her feel guilty
Living in mental exhaustion was draining her and making her a very reactive person, who would hold it all in and tha randomly blow up over small things. STOPPING PEOPLE PLEASING and learning to set boundaries guilt free was life changing for her. 
On the other end of her journey she was inspired to create,
The 5 steps to set and communicate EMPATHETIC BOUNDARY which today she uses and her clients use regularly in their relationships both personal and professional with great success. 
This workshop is for you if: 
1. You say Yes more than No to others. 
2. You find it hard to ask for help. 
3. You take on too much and then feel exhausted. 
4. You are hesitant to ask for support believing it’s better you do it. 
5. You feel guilty if you say no to your loved ones. 
6. You struggle with resentment after doing too much for others. 
7. You are concerned with what others think about you. 
8. You tend to overthink your words and actions around others. 
9. Social settings exhaust you. 
This workshop will guide you to: 
– Connect with the people’s pleaser in you through self inquiry. 
– Understand why you tend to please. 
– Introduce you to boundaries and how they apply to your life. 
– Walk you through the 5 steps to communicate and set boundaries. 
– Give you an opportunity to practice boundary setting based on real life experiences. 
– Walk away with boundaries you can start to implement in your life and how to communicate them with kindness and care. 
Each participant will walk away with Sasha’s free EBOOK – Setting & communicating boundaries guilt free, which includes valuable language to articulate your needs and ensure others hear you. 
At the end of the day we can talk about change, wish things were different, want to stop something and YET we stay the same because we are repeating the same patterns. 
The real work is when we take action towards the change we seek and nobody is responsible for that but you! 

Are you ready to take your first step? 

Date:  Saturday 13th January
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am
Price: 130AED

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