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Female Alchemy Dance with Elina

Join Elina for a 90 min session of Feminine Dance,
Enjoy Sensations of freedom within the body, a calmer mind and maybe even a clearer connection to your own purpose in life as a women are some of the benefits of this bodywork technique full of bliss. You don’t need to know how to dance as it’s more about exploring movement then actual technique. We women often forget to connect to our power center: our belly and our reproductive centre, where self love, creativity, our truth (gut feeling) strength and wisdom lie. The music used to accompany guided and free movement is healing and soothing and helps us to dwell deeper within ourselves and our unchartered possibilities of creation. Community, or sangha is created through dancing together but while staying connected to ourselves. The session begins with a short meditation and finishes with a centering.
Price: 135AED

9am - 10:30am

135.00 AED