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Feminine Flow: A Journey Within To Transform Self-Love and Relationships

Feminine Flow: A Journey Within To Transform Self-Love and Relationships


” The Truth is, You cannot become What you did not see!” 

The reflection of the feminine energy you are used to has often been distorted, presenting itself in shades of imbalance. Whether embodied in a feminine force veiled in misplaced masculine energy, ceaselessly striving and dominating, or in a passive surrender that sacrifices selfhood, neither represents the true essence of the sacred feminine.  

Picture instead a radiant embodiment: a perceptive, soft strength radiating with confidence and fierce authenticity. A harmonious symphony of gentle power and unwavering self-assurance. 

This is for you if, 

  • If you are a female who found safety and protection in embodying her masculine energy, who was taught that life is a hassle, instead of trusting her abundance and her ability to create!  
  • If love in your family was earned, and you never felt good enough to receive it, so you decided to work even harder to prove yourself! 
  • If you have been thought that LIFE is HARD, Relationships are HARD, Love is PAINFULL and there is nothing called TRUE LOVE.  
  • If you end up in relationships where either the masculine is emotionally unavailable, or there isn’t an equal give and take! Or you are unable to attract a committed loving relationship into your life. 

Friday 8th March

6:00pm – 8:30pm


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