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Yamuna Foot Fitness Workshop

Yamuna Foot Fitness Workshop


Whether you’re a dancer, athlete, or just love to stroll the neighbourhood, a YBR® Foot Fitness class is an essential preventative treatment. Using special props designed by Yamuna Zake, you’ll learn a series of routines to strengthen your feet, improving function and flexibility.

The Yamuna® Foot Fitness programme is a simple, easy to use system that educates you on proper foot function, how to improve gait, alignment, prevent and correct common foot problems, and how to maintain strong, toned and flexible feet throughout your life.

Yamuna® Foot Fitness was developed to increase flexibility, bring back movement and separation of the bones of the foot, improve muscle tone and increase circulation and to “get your shoes out of your feet.” Taking care of your feet is the ultimate anti-aging treatment.

4th October – Foot Fitness
10:15am – 11:45am (ladies only)
12:00pm – 1:30pm (mixed group)

299AED – price does not include Foot Wakers. You will have to purchase these ahead of the workshop.

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Foot function affects leg and hip function and can even influence shoulder, neck and rib cage stability. The foot is at the end of fascial chains (fibrous sheaths that surround our muscles and organs) descending from the head, through the pelvic floor.   The bone structure of our body is held up vertically by our feet.

Additionally the foot affects the entire body through the reflexology points on its plantar surface.  If you take time to improve your foot health you will revive your entire body.

About Yamuna Body Rolling

The basic principle of body rolling is creating space. Every part of your body needs its proper space to function properly. Lack of space first manifests as muscle tightness or contraction.

Yamuna body rolling elongates the muscle; it stimulates tendons and frees up joints. Working with the ball reveals how tightness in certain muscles restricts movements in the joints. As they release, the joint loosens up. Body rolling decongests and unsticks connective tissue and stimulates bone. It also encourages us to let go of habitual patterns. We start to let go and release. Just as we do in yoga, with the breath on the ball we soften, sink, and let go.