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Pranayama, Meditation and Goddess Flow with Mansi

In the effort to restore the much-needed sense of balance in our world, we need to begin by inner engineering ourselves. We will invest an hour to vitalise energy vortexes, increasing our vibration and come out feeling radiant and invigorated. Using our breath as our guide, we will connect to a deep wellspring of creativity and revolutionary force that is often the resource that guides us on. About Mansi Mansi is a wellness evangelist and a modern-day yogini, running House of Kapaali, an award-winning experiential wellness space. She teaches yoga for Adidas and many other international brands, leads corporate workshops and yoga retreats around the world that are as transformative as they are intrepid. She also leads yoga and wellness for a leadership camp for teenagers, under the prestigious Aspen Fellowship.

5:30pm - 7pm

100.00 AED