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Ramadan Yin Yoga and Light Iftar with Jacquie Sadek

120.00 AED460.00 AED

Start Date : April 30, 2020

Timing : 5:45PM - 6:45PM

Ramadan Yin Yoga & Light Iftar with Jacquie Sadek Thursdays from 5:45-6:45pm from April 30th through May 21st

Ramadan is month of fasting, worship, piety and charity. It is an opportunity to take time for reflection, contemplation and prayer through self-purification and spiritual growth. Join us this Ramadan for a weekly yin yoga practice, embracing stillness, cleansing the soul by detoxing the organs and meridians, and allowing for renewal and regeneration of body, mind and spirit. A light iftar of soup, nuts, dates and tea will be shared after class. Each class will be themed as described below and all levels are welcome.

Week 1: Sustenance (Ar Razzaq) and Putting things in order (Al Adl)

Week 2: Abundant Expression (Al Karim) and Tending your garden ((Al Ghani)

Week 3: Burnishing (Al Barr)

Week 4: Step by Step Persistence (Al Matin) which complements Sabur (allowing light illumination and knowing to guide our journey)

Price: 125AED per class including soup or AED 460 for all four sessions

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Jacquie Iftar

120AED for one, 460AED for 4