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Shamanic Breathwork Experience

Shamanic Breathwork Experience


Journey the different realms of consciousness with the Wellness Collective’s
Shamanic Breathwork Experience, lead by Shamanic Breathwork expert, Walid Aboulnaga.
Exclusive to Bodytree Studio, this is your chance to escape the world to an inner sanctum of spiritual enlightenment.  In this sacred space, access greater love, wisdom, transformation and healing through accelerated breathing, evocative music, and bodywork.
Flying in from Bali, home of his popular NAFAS Journeys, Walid will guide you through an adventure for your soul.  Bestow your trust in him and this healing Shamanic Breathwork Experience for an expanded state of awareness, self exploration and healing.
Price: 425AED inc tailor made light meal by Nectar
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Date: October 16th

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Nicknamed Aboul-NAFAS (Father of the Breath), Walid is an Adventurer, Entrepreneur, and Transformational Facilitator.

After years of working in the high-powered corporate world, Walid embarked on his own journey of self-awakening, training with masters of breathwork and the sacred arts across the world.

Walid now creates Transformational Journeys for fellow seekers, so that they too can experience the incredible power of Mother Nature, and themselves.