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Sustainable Wellbeing: Free Intro to Content Gathering with Pernille

We are richer than ever been before and we face opportunities today that we couldn’t even imagine just a few decades ago, and yet an increasing number of people is battling with anxiety and fighting the symptoms of depression. Pernille has been asking herself why so many people are struggling in spite of progress and prosperity. Master of science studies in psychology topped with studies in psychological resilience and happiness at the UC Berkeley has taught Pernille that happiness to some degree is heritable, environment has an influence too, but breaking news is that optimism can be learned and wellbeing can be cultivated! In this free Introduction session, Pernille will discuss the whys and hows of sustainable wellbeing, as a preview of her 6 week course. Reservations are to be booked by contacting 02 443 4448

4pm - 5pm