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Urdang Audition Master Class

Urdang Audition Master Class


(Seniors, ages 12+)
Come and brush up on your audition skills during a fun, intensive workshop to become a triple-threat performer and nail that casting!
Mikey Jay-Heath will guide you through a Jazz for Audition Masterclass followed by an Acting through Song Masterclass with Robine Landi. Participants will also have an opportunity to work on monologues for Drama School auditions. Participants will receive advice on good audition material and have the opportunity for a Q and A with Mikey and Robine.
(For the Audition Masterclasses, students should prepare either a monologue (no longer than 2 minutes) or a song from the Musical Theatre repertoire (no longer than 2.5 minutes). Please bring a visor for singing and acting and make sure you provide a backing track and sheet music for the class. We ask that students wear appropriate dance wear and footwear and bring a bottle of water.)

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