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Wellbeing & Longevity Talks Series - Online

Wellbeing & Longevity Talks Series – Online


Are you fascinated by the science of ageing and the quest for a longer lifespan?

Explore the cutting edge of longevity research, science (ancient and new) and healthcare for better wellbeing, with Dr Suresh’s Wellbeing and Longevity Talk Series.

Dr Suresh will discuss how to enhance quality of life, extend healthy years, and navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare.

Whether you’re interested in breakthrough research, practical wellness tips, or the future of medical science, these short talks provide valuable information and inspiration for everyone.

Join us to learn, discuss, and take steps towards a healthier, longer life.

13th July: Weight wisdom secrets: stop blaming your body

20th July: The Gut Brain Connection

3rd August: Original of Pathological Ageing

10th August: Understanding The Heart of Heart Health

17th August: Who Stays Healthy, Who Becomes Sick?

12:00pm – 1:00pm

150AED in person or 100AED online

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