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with Vearle Avni, IBCLC Lactation Consultant & Midwife

Dr Jack Newman, Paediatrician and the world’s much loved breastfeeding guru says …”Breastfeeding is a relationship over and above a feeding method. Breastfeeding should never be expendable. Only under extraordinary circumstances should breastfeeding be interrupted. It is too important to the physical and mental health of the child and the mother for them to give it up the way one might give up ice cream.”

So considering what is healthy for moms, breastfeeding has many immediate and longterm benefits for mom’s health too, such as helping prevent postpartum hemorrhage and help the uterus remain contracted after delivery promoting uterus involution. Breastfeeding lowers your risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and osteporosis, while helping you lose weight gained during pregnancy. Breastfeeding provides positive psychological benefits too for both you and your baby. So let’s look at the nutritional requirements for breastfeeding moms to successfully breastfeed and enjoy this peace of mind.


By Cecilia Rubio

I have been studying a lot about functional medicine lately and one of the things I learned and wanted to share with you is the benefits of bone broth. There are 4 very important reasons you should be drinking bone broth every day.


By Joelle Beyrouthy

If you are among the many thousands of people striving to lose weight and lead healthier lifestyle; who every year set resolutions to exercise and eat well, you may feel encouraged to learn that something else might also help and may be the secret ingredient to a healthier lifestyle: mindfulness.