Arthur Shvaikovski

Arthur Shvaikovski’s experience and passion for street dance is extensive. He is a dancing coach and choreographer, qualified in the training of dance groups and personal dance training, and specializes in professional preparation in the field of street styles. Arthur has taught hip hop and street dance since 2012. Within that time, he founded his own dance studio in his home city of Grodno, Belarus. 

Arthur’s passion for teaching and mentoring young dancers has taken him to numerous competitions and dance championships. As an official certified judge of the Belarusian dance league, he has judged over 13 dance competitions since 2014, including Free E-motion Battle Belarus (2014), Dance Championship GOLJUN Minsk (2017), Hip Hop Dance Championship Minsk (2017), and the Bison Open Championship (2018). Arthur is excited and passionate about working with the next generation of young dancers and fostering a love and appreciation for dance.