Bec McLean

Bec grew up in Australia in a very sporty family and played as many sports as she could before finally settling on golf as her main sport in her early twenties.  After spending a couple of years in a golf college and playing full time, she realized the importance of body alignment and posture to facilitate efficient movement.  However, her accounting background lured her to the Middle East and golf took a backseat, as she focused on her business interests.  She continued to undertake a large amount of strength training, running and cycling until becoming pregnant and thus turning to Pre Natal yoga and Pilates at Bodytree.  After having two children the strength training didn’t feel as good on her body anymore so the focus shifted more towards Pilates and building a healthier spine and stronger body.  Bec became a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor (mat and reformer), training in Dubai and further falling in love with the incredible practice. Her particular interest is in sport specific Pilates as well as both pre/post natal work. Pilates transformed her body post-children and she cannot wait to share her passion when working with Bodytree clients.