Grace Hwang

Grace has always been passionate about fitness, spiritual and energy cultivation.  She started her Tai Chi training with Master Ang Tee Tong, a well-known Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. She fell in love with Tai Chi from the start and that love led her to learn many different styles of tai chi from masters such as master Goh Eng Poh, grandmaster Su Zifang, master Wee Kee Jin, and master Lim Ting Hock (Student of Grandmaster Dong Yingjie). Fundamentals to all Chinese medicine, is the idea that sickness is simply the inhibition of chi (vital force) flow. The relaxed, flowing and meditative movements of tai chi stimulates the flow of blood, breathe and chi, thus bringing its practitioners to a harmonious state of healthy balance. Grace teaches both the short form and long form Yang Style Tai Chi and she has been teaching Yang Style Tai chi for almost eight years.