Heidi Elmaarouf

Heidi has over 30 years’ experience as a registered nurse specializing in cardiac care working in a variety of critical care units throughout the USA. In addition to performing multiple roles in the medical field here in the UAE and parts of Africa, becoming an Ambassador of Women’s Health with Days for Girls International is one role dear to her heart.

When in 2001 she relocated to the UAE with her family, new opportunities opened up. Heidi’s path led her to working in the US Embassy health clinic as a medical coordinator and an American Heart Association (AHA) First Aid/CPR Lead Instructor. In 2006 Heidi launched her own (AHA) training company, Lifeline, where she trained nearly 2000 people by 2011.

Heidi’s continued compassion and dedication to care for others motivated her to explore various avenues that promoted overall well-being enhancing their quality of life. She discovered the limitless benefits of reiki and how the mind and body play an important part in self-healing and became a certified Reiki practitioner in 2010. Realizing this was the path she wanted to pursue full-time she established her own practice, Natural Healing with Reiki. Going one step further to complement this holistic modality Heidi became a Life Coach & NLP Practitioner to be able to provide additional support, guidance and motivation for those seeking self-discovery and positive change to achieve the fulfilling life they deserve. She believes that purpose and passion provides the fuel to take action to move forward from being a dreamer to a dream catcher.