Mouna Chammaa Zakhour

Mouna is a Lebanese-Palestinian Brit who has been living in Abu Dhabi for over 10 years and has been a client and believer of Bodytree Studio throughout those years. She has been doing one form or another of exercise since she can remember from Ashtanga Yoga, running, BTB Dance Cardio as well as BTB. In 2015, she committed to a rigorous and near-daily muscle conditioning program and as it’s become such an integral part of her life, she recently got certified as a Matt Pilates teacher, a practice that she believes gives all other types of movement integrity through proper core engagement. She now teaches Matt Pilates as well as BTB Jump Start – a compliment to the innovative and brilliant BTB class offerings (BodytreeBody, BTB Shred, BTB Dance Cardio and BTB Bounce) by combining two of her favorite things – dance cardio and muscle conditioning.