Silvia Sopkova

Silvia’s love of music began at a very early age as both of her parents were playing an instrument. With their encouragement and guidance, Silvia chose to play piano and sing in the choir. She attended primary and secondary school specialized in music education which gave her a deeper knowledge of music theory and history of music. An important part of school curriculum was also attending various concerts and performances. Opera and musical were Silvia’s favorite. She was taking dance classes outside the school, as well.

Silvia got to first experience Kindermusik program whilst attending classes with her oldest son when he was a baby. She loved learning how every single touch, movement, and sound contributed to his development.  They both greatly enjoyed special moments in Kindermusik as they found amazing friends and gained rituals which filled their days.

After a few months, the opportunity to become a licensed educator arose and she knew that was the right path to take.

Kindermusik with Silvia and Friends became an amazing mission, which has also been awarded the Kindermusik Maestro award; the highest recognition awarded by Kindermusik International.

Silvia loves bringing parents and children together and giving them the opportunity to create unforgettable moments which will be treasured for all those years to come.