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About Us

About Bodytree Wellness Studio

Established in 2007, Bodytree has become a trusted provider of health and wellness services in Abu Dhabi. Originally known as Soma Pilates and Yogatree Studios, the founders merged the two entities in 2011 to create Bodytree Studio, offering a more holistic approach to exercise and well-being.

The studio’s aim was to foster a supportive environment where individuals of all ages could prioritise their mental and physical health. It quickly became a community centre where people could escape their busy lives and work towards their wellness goals.

Bodytree remains committed to providing the best health and fitness classes, workshops, and treatments in Abu Dhabi. The studio’s overarching goal is to promote holistic health and inspire positive behaviors in society.

Recognising the demand for accessible wellness services, Bodytree realigned its branding in 2020 to solidify its position as a hub for well-being education and practice in the capital. By offering a range of services, including group classes, workshops, massage therapy, Reiki, and nutrition counseling, Bodytree continues to stay ahead of the curve.

The studio takes pride in its curated schedule of classes and workshops led by international experts. Additionally, a team of skilled professionals provides massage therapy, Reiki healing, and nutrition advice. Furthermore, Bodytree organises high-quality events for corporate and community audiences, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the wellness industry.


experienced trainers

Bodytree prides itself on having highly trained and experienced instructors across all disciplines of Mind/Body movement. We are passionate about the individual and offer a personlised approach to fitness, thus distinguishing us from the traditional gym setting.

We are for everyone

Everyone is welcome to Bodytree Studio, from the crawling to the elderly, first-timers to advanced practitioners, men, and women. Each person who allows us to nourish their wellness journey automatically becomes part of our growing community, and we grow prouder with every new addition.


Bodytree is passionate about embracing local initiatives and businesses, fostering a tight knit community of entrepreneurs and group leaders within the Capital

Given the vast space that Bodytree occupies it allows us to provide a platform for people to showcase their talents from various fields of expertise, from fashion to art, nutrition, mental health, and pre/postnatal services.

Our Founders


We take our position in the community very seriously and are constantly striving to support small businesses, charities and causes while bringing our clients and the Abu Dhabi community as a whole with interesting, relevant and educational workshops, courses, seminars and events.


As a small local business, we are passionate about giving back to the community. Bodytree initiates several fundraising events throughout the year and donates funds to select charities that are close to our hearts.


Throughout the year we host special events such as the annual Yoga Market for local vendors and workshop instructors, the Wellness Series with special guest speakers in the medical and functional treatment industry, and Prenatal Seminars to assist women and their families embarking on the incredible journey.