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Company History

Bodytree has been offering health and wellness to the Abu Dhabi community since 2007. Bodytree initially started as Soma Pilates and Yogatree Studios and in 2011 combined under the one license to become Bodytree Studio. The respective founders of Soma and Yogatree wanted to provide a more holistic approach to exercise focusing on mind and body education whilst in a supportive environment. Their vision was to create a community centre for all ages where people could escape their hectic lives and work towards their wellness goals.



Sharifa has been a student of wellness for over 18 years. Her journey began after reaping the benefits as a student, where she was inspired to teach and becoming a certified Hatha yoga instructor and managing a studio in Montreal.

Sharifa is trained in both Pilates and movement through fascia. Co- founder of Bodytree studio in Abu Dhabi with her daughter Nadia for more than 10 years for the purpose of creating a holistic center for wellness and healing by means of various types of yoga, Pilates, Nutrition, dance and modalities that help heal the stresses of daily life.



Nadia’s life was influenced by the mind/body connection at a very critical time in her life. Since then she has become committed to guiding others on their spiritual journey to wellness through movement. Her belief in structural fitness as a building block to health has led her to discover other forms of holistic exercise eventually leading her to train under STOTT PILATES ® and become an instructor, and co-founder of the Bodytree Body programme.

Why Bodytree ?

Bodytree prides itself on having highly trained and experienced instructors across all three disciplines of Yoga, Pilates and Dance. We are passionate about the individual and offer a personalized approach thus distinguishing us from the traditional gym setting. We offer classes for young and old, men and women, beginners to advanced as well as an extensive Children’s programme in Dance and Music. We also play an active role in supporting local charities and the arts. We are truly passionate about what we do and hope to see you in the studio soon.

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