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Positive Intelligence


Is your mind serving or sabotaging you?

Take back control of your mind and quiet your negative thoughts of self-doubt and judgment, and reconnect with your creative, positive inner-self, becoming more confident and reassured.

In the same way that dumbell reps boost your physical body, there are techniques to grow your core mental muscles by strengthening the positive emotions of your ‘Sage’ part of your brain and weakening the negative emotions associated with your ‘Saboteur’.

By using your senses of touch, breath, sound, and visuals one at a time to stay focused and in the moment, you build up the neural pathways to the Sage where you are calmer, more laser-focused, creative, clear-headed, and the wiser version of yourself.

Positive Intelligence created by Shirzan Chamine, facilitated with Heidi is a 6 week, online programme, with a money back guarantee if you do not feel any sort of benefit from the course.  

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Researcher, Stanford University lecturer and author of the New York Times bestseller 'Positive Intelligence', Shirzad Chamine has created this ‘life-changing’ programme using breakthroughs in positive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and performance science.
“I’m currently in week 5 of the 6-week Positive Intelligence course and am so excited about the changes it’s made in my life! I feel more in touch with my positive instincts - my Sage, and better able to see those negative forces within me (Saboteurs) that keep me from realizing my full potential. This program is a life-changer and even from day one I knew that I was going to be a better version of myself afterwards. I will encourage everyone I know to learn the tools the Positive Intelligence course teaches!” LS, Senior Executive Assistant