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Kinesiology is a bio-feedback program which gently monitors specific muscles to understand the physical, biochemical and emotional balance or imbalances in the body.

It is a holistic therapy that combines elements of traditional Chinese medicine, muscle testing and energy balancing techniques to identify where there are imbalances in the body. Then, a range of gentle, non-evasive methods are used to restore harmony to the body’s energy flow.

Kinesiology addresses physical, emotional and mental aspects of wellbeing, facilitating individuals to unlock their body’s innate healing and balancing abilities promoting overall balance and relaxation.
The simple movements and techniques are specific to the individual, the mind body connection is stimulated which can help the body to improve a range of physical and emotional challenges. Kinesiology is so powerful because it is focused on what the individual needs at a specific time and is suitable for all ages and has long lasting benefits.

About Shazia Corporate Wellness

Kinesiologycan help with:

Stress management

Emotional balance

Increasing energy levels

Improving vitality

Addressing specific physical issues

Improving concentration and focus

Improving sleep patterns and more

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