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About Bodytree Studio’s

Emirates School of Dance

The Emirates School of Dance programme was developed in 2012 and is run by a group of professional dancers in Abu Dhabi at Bodytree Studio and St Regis Saadiyat Island. Emphasis on the programme is placed on helping students develop a solid foundation in dance technique as well as fostering their sense of artistic self-expression. Our curriculum is aligned with global dance standards allowing us to offer a rigorous but not rigid series of classes that adapts to each individual child or community we work with.

Why us ?

We offer skilled instruction in a full range of dance styles including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary, Dance Prep (for ages 3-6), and multiple types of teen fitness classes (barre, Zumba, Pilates, yoga roll out, etc.). Our programme allows us to offer recreational classes focused on developing body awareness & healthy habits as well as pre-professional training for students wishing to explore the option of dance as a career path.

In-School Programming

ESD is proud to offer diverse dance curricula in schools throughout Abu Dhabi. Our trained teachers can help serve your students with dance classes to best fit the needs of your population and facilities.  See how your students will grow with artistic opportunities to utilize creativity, movement, and social-emotional learning in fun, skill-level-appropriate programs. Contact ESD Director of Dance, Mary Chase, to discuss the options available.  mchase@emiratesschoolofdance.com

Class Schedule



(ages 3 – 6, no previous experience needed) Dance Prep is our series of leveled movement classes designed to help younger children progressively master the fundamental movement and rhythm skills needed to begin more formal training in any style of dance. The series moves students through basic locomotor skills including walking, running, hopping, jumping, rolling, crawling, skipping, sliding, galloping and leaping.

By combining locomotor skills and creative movement with fun games and music in a thoughtful progression, students begin to create simple dances and continue to understand the basic concepts of dance: body/action, space, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, balance and social skills. By the end of the series they will have mastered the fundamental positions and rhythms of basic dance and be well-prepared to start more advanced training in any specific technique. The Dance Prep series serves as a gateway into more disciplined practice in all other styles of dance & movement in our program (including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, etc.).


PLEASE NOTE: For all Emirates School of Dance ballet classes, students must be assessed by our teachers prior to or during their first class and placed in the correct level for them to optimally enjoy and progress, regardless of age or prior experience.

Ballet 1 (no previous experience needed, but Dance Prep or equivalent is recommended; 45-75 minutes)

Ballet 1 is designed as the transition from the basic movement curriculum of Dance Prep into ballet-specific technique classes. Students continue to build on the basic concepts of dance (body/action, space, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, balance and social skills) while learning the fundamental elements of classical ballet technique with barre and center work. The goals of this class are to build correct alignment, strengthen the core, learn and execute key vocabulary and skills. This class prepares students to enter more advanced levels of ballet and serves to strengthen their skills in other dance styles.

Ballet 2 (Prerequisite: Ballet 1 or equivalent; 45 mins) Ballet 2 builds onto the foundation of the Ballet 1 class to introduce children to the structure of classical ballet including more advanced barre & center work. Goals of the class are to teach correct alignment, strengthen the core, learn and execute key vocabulary and skills in beginning ballet.

Ballet 3 (Prerequisite: Ballet 2 or equivalent; 55 mins) Ballet 3 builds on the barre and center work of Ballet 2. This level focuses on continuing to build classical technique and requires increased discipline & focus to allow the children to establish a base of ballet movement repertoire.

Ballet 4 (Prerequisite: Ballet 3 or equivalent; 55 mins, two classes per week is mandatory) Ballet 4 is a class that continues to build the barre work foundation developed in Ballet 3 and furthers the expectation of discipline & technique in classical ballet technique. Ballet 3 is a pre-pointe class that includes exercises to prepare students for pointe work if/when they are ready.

Ballet 5 (Prerequisite: Ballet 4 or equivalent; 55 min, two classes per week is mandatory) Ballet 5 is pre-professional technique class for accomplished teen dancers. This class includes barre and center work at the advanced level and work learning classical ballet choreography for performance opportunities. Ballet 5 students are generally expected to be taking pointe class and several other dance technique classes as well to build and maintain the strength and flexibility needed for this advanced technique class.

Le Grand Ballet is suitable for teens and young women who have achieved sufficient Ballet technique to learn complex ballet choreography. In this class they will continue and improve more in ballet technique, pointe work and learn ballet dance choreography.

Pointe Technique (ages 13+, Prerequisite: Ballet 4 or equivalent taken 2 times per week minimum; 30 mins) For students totally new to pointe work, this class provides dedicated time to begin developing the strength and technique needed to progress in classical ballet technique en pointe.


Broadway Dance ages 7 – 9 This high-energy and exhilarating dance class is tailored to introduce young dancers to the vibrant world of Broadway. Through a combination of dance routines, storytelling, and character exploration, we aim to ignite a passion for musical theater while building a strong foundation of dance technique, stage presence, and performance skills. Broadway dance is known for its expressive quality and synchronization with music. Students will learn to interpret and respond to various musical styles, rhythms, and lyrics. They will develop a strong sense of musicality, timing, and the ability to convey emotions through movements. Join us on this exciting journey of dance, storytelling, and performance as we bring the magic of Broadway to life!

Broadway Dance ages 10 – 16 This dynamic and exhilarating dance program is tailored to introduce young dancers to the captivating world of Broadway musicals.

Through a fusion of dance techniques, choreography, character development, and performance skills, we aim to ignite their passion for musical theater while building a strong foundation of dance technique, stage presence, and storytelling abilities. Students will have the opportunity to learn choreographed routines inspired by iconic Broadway musical numbers.

These routines incorporate the techniques and concepts covered in class, allowing students to apply their skills to engaging dance pieces. Students will deepen their understanding of musicality, learn to interpret various musical styles, and explore the art of storytelling through movement.


Broadway Dance This high-energy and exhilarating dance class is tailored to introduce young dancers to the vibrant world of Broadway. Through a combination of dance routines, storytelling, and character exploration, we aim to ignite a passion for musical theater while building a strong foundation of dance technique, stage presence, and performance skills.

Broadway Fusion These classes are designed to introduce young performers to the world of musical theatre in a fun and engaging way. These classes focus on developing a range of skills, including singing, dancing, acting, and stage presence, while nurturing creativity and self-expression. The students will perform at the end of each term for family and friends.


Tumbling In this engaging and supportive environment, your child will develop fundamental locomotor skills such as skipping and galloping, coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength and conditioning. They will also learn body awareness and basic tumbling skills such as rolls, bridges, and handstands. By the end of term, this class’s priority is to foster a love for movement, building confidence, team work, and social skills in every child.


This dynamic and engaging class is tailored to introduce young dancers to the expressive and creative world of contemporary dance. Through a combination of movement exploration and choreography, we aim to foster a strong foundation of technique, musicality, and self-expression. Contemporary Dance enhances strength, flexibility, and coordination, improves posture, body awareness, and alignment, fosters musicality and rhythm, boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, encourages teamwork and cooperation, and inspires young dancers to explore their artistic potential.


Dance Around the World! In this class the students will see and perform dances from a variety of cultures. They will learn about the different cultural backgrounds of their peers and will participate in group activities that require cooperation. This unit takes the students on a world trip, visiting the Latin world, Arabia, Africa, and Greece before their return to the UAE. Students learn dance steps from each of the countries and create their own versions of them. They are then transported on a world tour where they perform their new dances.


Music and Movement for Children of Determination aims to provide a safe and inclusive space where students can experience the joy of movement, self-expression, and connection. Join us on this empowering journey of exploration, creativity, and holistic well-being. The class celebrates the unique abilities and potential of each participant, enhances body awareness, coordination, and balance, fosters self-expression, creativity, and confidence, promotes social interaction and communication skills providing a safe and inclusive environment for all abilities. Each student will need to have a caregiver present to help facilitate a nurturing and safe learning environment.


Jazz/Tap Combo is a fun, high-energy dance class that develops technique, rhythm and style while building strength, flexibility and body awareness. It focuses on musicality, clean lines, turns, jumps and fast feet. Jazz/Tap combo includes strength, flexibility and conditioning techniques with choreography from the latest trends in pop music.


Street Dance classes include Hip Hop and Break Dance. They are all the rage right now and are essential for the aspiring performer! Street Dance is known for its emphasis on synchronising with musical rhythms, acrobatic skills, and building a sense of community with dance crews. The lively and energetic choreography is typically made for commercials, dance reels, concerts, music videos, television shows and more.

Dance Faculty

Our dance instructors have training and credentials from some of the world’s most prestigious dance schools including the School of American Ballet, Ailey School New York, and Pineapple London, as well as many other accolades including judging world street dance championships and touring with leading popstars.