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Vision, goals, higher consciousness, fulfilment; all important words to describe how the game of life should be played. Yet our life experiences can be a far more complex than that. Too often we find ourselves being nudged in a direction that we hadn’t even conceived nor can be understood at first glance.


However, once we learn to connect the dots of our past experiences the signposts for the way forward become obvious.  The integration of Graceful Reflections consciousness awareness plants the ‘seed of thought’ just as the cognitive coaching emphasizes the ‘what if…’ possibilities that can enhance change.


With this self-awareness and self-realisation, the path to self-actualisation becomes uncomplicated and enjoyable. In effect, it is ‘finding spirituality in our everyday experiences’.

Wellbeing Therapy

If you were to ask of yourself, ‘What kind of energy does my life need at this very moment?’

What do you think your answer would be? Would it be love, healing, mindfulness, gratitude?

Graceful Reflections’ wellbeing sessions are personalised to help bridge the gap from simply seeking more, to manifesting it within the very fabric of life.

The approach of a Graceful Reflections session is to help seekers access the wise and boundless sources of wisdom, benevolence, and energy that lie deep within each individual and merge it with the Universal Consciousness.

Vandana brings 16 years of intuitive wellness experience to personalise each Graceful Reflections session with Angelic Reiki and Oracle Card Reading. She also includes Meditation if the healing session requires it.

Benefits include:

  • Strengthen your connection to your inherent power, your Divine Spark
  • Understand and learn better from your everyday experiences
  • Learn to reserve judgment towards others
  • Be loving and kind towards yourselves
  • View challenges as opportunities to shine
  • Life seems to flow without resistance
  • Like attracts like. Manifest more peace, joy, and fulfilment
  • Learn to honour spirituality in everyday life
  • Optimise the role and importance of ‘Free Will’

Wellbeing Therapy includes:

  • Angelic Reiki
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Meditation

Angelic Reiki and Oracle Card Reading together complement each other making it a self-intuitive method of reaffirmation and divining the way forward.

90 Minutes 600AED

Oracle Card Reading

For the times when we are unable to obtain clarity of purpose and the need for guidance that we can see and touch is reassuring, the Oracle Card Reading is well suited to offer support that comes directly from the higher realms.

A few benefits of an Oracle Card Reading are:

  • Offers the receiver a higher perspective
  • Inspires and encourages positive life changes
  • Provides new insight into past or previous events in order to connect the dots

60 Minutes 525AED

Cognitive and Consciousness Awareness Coaching

Vandana and Tony address more than what is obvious on the surface but also what lies beneath multiple layers. This integrated approach to coaching helps to bring hidden or subconscious aspects into an acceptable sphere of personal influence.

It further supports the practical application of consciousness awareness in our daily lives.

Cognitive and Consciousness Awareness workshops are available as continued process of self-development

Benefits include:

This integrated approach is effective for a career change, confidence building, and self-development

  • Supports problem solving, goal setting and long term vision creation
  • The logical and introspective approach is combined with intuition
  • Combination of pragmatism and a greater awareness of the self
  • 30 Minutes pre-booking, free consultation on Zoom

90 minutes 600AED 

3 session package 1600AED

About the Therapist
Graceful Reflections Wellbeing Therapy
90 Minute Session

Instructor : Vandana

Start Date :

600.00 AED
Oracle Card Reading
60 minute session

Instructor : Vandana

Start Date :

525.00 AED
Cognitive and Consciousness

Instructor : Vandana and Tony

Start Date :

600.00 AED1,600.00 AED
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