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Mental Health

Our human vessel harnesses power when we regain peace in our mind, body, heart, and soul.

Noor’s goal for you is: clarity, alignment, and awareness to ultimately bring you light on your path through life, propelling you to your potential.

We will work with the tools and modalities that will best serve you. Modalities include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Psychotherapy. My work also includes elements of Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy.

Areas ofwork include







Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

A cognitive-behavioural approach to therapy that involves changing thinking patterns and behaviors by providing evidence-based tools for better ways of coping and relieving symptoms. This approach is highly collaborative in treatment and provides clients autonomy in their healing journey. CBT has been proven to be a highly effective for a range of issues include depression and anxiety.

Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy

A spiritual and holistic approach to healing, for Muslims and nonMuslims alike, that focuses on the heart (qalb) and soul (nafs) that are often neglected in Western psychology. It is an integrated approach in therapy that uses Islamic principles as its foundation along with modern science of psychology. The approach is grounded in Islamic knowledge of the soul, from the Quran and prophetic teachings, focusing on the heart as the center of healing, rather than a sole focus on the mind. Ultimately, this approach recognizes the individual’s state of the heart and their connection to their Creator as the core of their goals in therapy.

Islamically integrated psychotherapy approaches help de-stigmatize mental health in our Muslim communities and provide an approach that acknowledge spiritual and religious views within therapy. Approaches used are centuries old pioneered by classical Muslim scholars such as Ibn Sina, Al Ghazali, Al Kindi, Al Tibari, and Al Balkhi.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

A research-based intervention methodology in therapy that allows individuals to relax and tap into their subconscious mind to gain a powerful healing experience that works at a conscious and subconscious level. Hypnotherapy allows us to target deeply engrained patterns within our subconscious and transform them to meet our goals in therapy. An effective technique for a range of conditions including pain, anxiety and mood.

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self reflexology abu dhabi

Personalised Self-Help Reflexology – 90 min

Individualised session using a combination of Foot, Hand and Facial Reflexology.

Pre-Labour Preparation with Reflexology

Most mums-to-be refer to these sessions as their reset button.

Facial Reflexology – Single Session

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Facial Reflexology – 10 Sessions

Facial Reflexology – 10 Sessions – starts from purchase date

Foot and Face Reflexology – Single Session

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Foot Reflexology – Single Session

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Foot Reflexology – 5 Sessions

Foot Reflexology – 10 Sessions – starts from purchase date

Foot Reflexology – 10 Sessions

Foot Reflexology – 10 Sessions – starts from purchase date
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