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Nutrition Consultancy

Food affects our bodies, minds and emotions. In a world where nutrition information is always changing and often contradictory, it can be confusing and difficult to make confident, positive decisions about your health and wellness.

That’s where Suzan comes in. Her philosophy is one that looks at the person as a whole, focusing on the specific needs and lifestyle of every individual and improving the quality of life through their relationship with food. This approach is centered on raising awareness towards negative eating habits, inaccurate perceptions towards food, and identifying their root causes – whether emotional, medical, or due to bad short-term dietary advice and fad diets. Suzan will provide the tips, tricks, and tools to feel great about yourself; make nourishing, confident decisions; reduce your risk of chronic disease; and help you feel more energized and positive in your life.

About Suzan Corporate Wellness

How itWorks ?

She works with you to co-create a bespoke journey to transform your dietary thoughts and habits into a successful, healthy future.

Balanced weight management by providing individualized nutritional guidance to help clients meet personal health goals.

Learn the fundamentals of good nutrition and simple clean eating.

Develop intuitive eating skills and mend behaviors with food.

Discover ways to make exercise part of a daily routine.

Increase energy and overall positivity in your life.

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