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Human Design


Human Design is not merely a theory to be studied and comprehended but rather is an adventurous experiment to be experienced and lived.

Learning about your Human Design can be a transformative life process and for most people it will instantly impact their life and redirect their path.

The true and sole method to embark on this courageous journey is by letting go of all previous expectations and allowing the energies to open you up to who you were destined to be.

Human Design is a system that combines principles of Astrology, the I ching, Kabbalah, Chakras and Quantum physics to provide an extremely unique tool for understanding who each of us truly are. With your birth date, time, and location you create a personal “design” called the bodygraph, that shows you how you were built and how to best respond to the world and the elements around you.

In simple words, Human Design is a Manual For Your Everyday Life, the ultimate life guide we all wished we had.

About Sarah Berjaoui
Human Design Foundation

A foundation reading is an insightful process where we dive into your bodygraph and uncover your true identity, the person you were born to be by providing you with a comprehensive introduction to your Human Design chart. It typically covers the following topics:

  • Your type (Manifester, Generator, Reflector, or Projector);
  • Your strategy meaning the way you make decisions that are in alignment with your type;
  • Your authority which is the part of you that knows what is true for you;
  • Your profile, a combination of two gates on your char which reveals your unique way of existing in the world and your purpose;
  • Your open centers, these are areas of your life where you are open to receiving information and input from others and your defined centers which are the centers mostly conditioned throughout your life.

A foundation session can be a valuable tool for understanding yourself better and living a life aligned to your true self.

90 mins 600 AED

A Deep Dive into Human Design Deconditioning

This session delves into the powerful process of Human Design Deconditioning, to shed the external influences and limiting beliefs that hold you back, guiding you on a journey to:

  • Uncover the conditioning: Explore how social expectations, external influences, and past experiences have shaped your thoughts, emotions, and behaviorus.
  • Recognise your authentic self: including your Human Design Type, Strategy, Authority, and Inner Wisdom and purpose in life, to understand what truly resonates with you.
  • Release outdated patterns: Discover practical tools and techniques to break free from limiting beliefs and limiting thoughts, reclaiming your inner power.
  • Embrace your true potential: Align with your authentic self and experience greater clarity, fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of life.

This session is perfect for you if you:

  • Feel like you’re constantly trying to fit in rather than living authentically.
  • Struggle with self-doubt and limiting beliefs.
  • Crave a deeper understanding of your unique purpose and potential.
  • Want to experience greater ease, flow, and alignment in your life.

90 mins 600 AED

Family constellation Human Design session
Family constellation is based on the idea that our issues are inherited down through generations, in the session, we combine Human Design and constellation to solve unhealthy entanglements with the family and heal generational trauma.
We understand our behaviours, feelings and beliefs, our unconscious laws, and the physical manifestation of our issues. Through this session, healing happens not only to the client but also his entire family; eventually, love and peace are restored between the members of the family.

120 mins 600 AED

Human Design Comprehensive Analysis

This personal comprehensive analysis brings you closer to yourself and to the most authentic manifestation in your current incarnation. There are paths in your life that you will walk easily and others where you will encounter obstacles and difficulties. The above experiences will give you more clarity and free choice to consciously make decisions on how best to structure your future.

60 mins 800AED

Parenting with Human Design

Human Design was basically intended for children and their experience, benefiting them, and helping them realize their power as 9-Centered humans.

Raising your child according to their design will allow them to embrace who they truly are from a young age but also it will guide you to understand your differences which will create a deep and meaningful connection between you.

It is a one-on-one consultation that focuses on understanding your child’s Human Design chart and how to use it to parent them in a more harmonious way.

The session will typically cover its type, authority, strategy, gates & channels as well as their defined and open centers.

Parenting can be a stressful journey, and many children have difficulties expressing what they want or need from their parents. Human Design will help you enhance your communication with your child and support you in this beautiful challenging journey of parenthood.

90 mins 600 AED


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