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In Abu Dhabi’s only fully-equipped Pilates studio, we are able to offer you the finest in personal training, small group classes on the mat and equipment, and various informative workshops. Our unique approach to health and wellness will meet your needs for physical fitness, post rehab and sports specific conditioning.


Designed for those fresh from our Beginner Reformer course, recovering from injury, or seasoned practitioners looking to refine their Pilates practice. Here, you’ll master Reformer fundamentals with a focus on correct technique, alignment, and mind-body connection. 

Despite its deliberate slower pace, the class maximises muscle activation, improving overall strength and targeting specific muscle groups. This approach enhances mobility, coordination, and body awareness, laying the groundwork for lasting strength and ease in daily movements. 

You must have Instructor approval before moving on from this class.


Experience a heightened level of challenge with our Open Level Reformer class, a step up from our Foundation Reformer. Focused on enhancing strength, mobility, coordination, and body awareness, this class takes your Reformer skills to new heights, fostering a deeper connection to your body and building confidence. 

It serves as the perfect bridge between our Foundation and Athletic level classes, catering to individuals with a solid understanding of the Reformer and a strong Pilates foundation. 

Open to all levels with approval from your Foundation Reformer Instructor.


Elevate your workout with our Athletic Reformer class, a dynamic and high-intensity, low-impact session. 

This charged-up experience pushes physical and mental limits through increased repetitions, resistance, hold times, and stability movements. 

Expect to sweat and feel the burn as this full-body conditioning class builds deep, lasting strength, length, and resilience. 

Suitable for intermediate/advanced clients with a strong foundation in Pilates Reformer, prior approval from your Open Reformer Instructor is required. 

Note that this class is not suitable for prenatal clients or those rehabbing an injury. Get ready to push your limits and transform your Pilates practice!


This is a dynamic and resistance-based session that utilises the Tower element of the Reformer. By incorporating creative and straightforward movements with springs and bar attachments, this class offers a unique and exciting dimension to your Pilates practice.

Designed to intensify your overall body strength, stability, and Pilates skills, the Tower class places a crucial emphasis on form and alignment. To participate, a strong Pilates foundation is essential, and attendance requires instructor approval. Prepare to challenge yourself, refine your technique, and elevate your strength and stability in this invigorating Tower Reformer class.


Dynamic Pilates takes you through all the principles of the practice in a fun sequence with props so you can get the maximum benefit of postural and muscular strengthening, and awareness.

This low-impact class is suitable for beginners and intermediate levels.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates conditions all your muscles in a balanced way and increases your self-awareness by drawing your focus inward.

Offers relief from back pain and joint stress

Corrects over-trained muscles groups

Compliments sports training

Improves posture

Tones and sculpts

Develops functional fitness for your daily life activities

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Our unique approach to health and wellness will meet your needs for physical fitness, post rehab and sports specific conditioning.