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Rehabilitation & Functional Training

Rehabilitation & Functional Training

Do you suffer from pain or discomfort due to muscular dysfunction that hinders you from your fitness path? Have you hit a plateau in your health due to restrictions on your flexibility and mobility?

Dive into your history, lifestyle habits, and movement dysfunction with Belinda’s in-depth screening. By finding the root of the pain or limitations, she will then guide you to manage your pain and/or empower you with the knowledge to further your fitness/health goals with a customised therapy programme.

Better understand your body mechanics, learn to move well to execute daily tasks, or play sports pain-free through a combination of:

– Manual therapy (such as myofascial trigger points release)

– Self-manual therapy

– Integrative corrective exercises to assist you with long-lasting results

She will help bulletproof your body for your day-to-day activities, and help you realise your dream activities, such as dancing, gymnastics etc which you couldn’t do in the past!

Belinda’s sessions are also suitable for:

Postnatal clients suffering from: dropped feet arches, knee issues, lower back pain, DeQuervain's tendonitis (aka “Mommy’s Thumb) etc

Clients seeking to manage their weight, even those with certain conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol or osteopenia

Clients with injuries, possibly post-operation, looking to rehabilitate themselves to the level pre-injury

LivePain Free

Belinda has helped many clients lead a pain free life over the past 7 years. What started as a journey to overcome a personal injury; transformed into a growing passion to help others help themselves. Belinda focuses on providing customised holistic therapy programme to empower clients to live pain free.

Clients can:

Move around efficiently/optimally

Have full Range of Motion (ROM) in their limbs like children do

Enjoy high levels of energy everyday

Be fit enough to enjoy playing sports and games with family and friends

Purchase your session online then book yourself in for an appointment.

For booking, email at info@bodytreestudio.com or call 02 443 4448.

Rehab/Functional Training – 15 sessions

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Rehab/Functional Training – 10 sessions

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rehabilitation and fucntional training at bodytree studio

Rehab/Functional Training – 1 session

Rehab/Functional Training – 1 session
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