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Bodytree Body Programme

The Bodytree Body sequence of classes was created in 2014 by women for women with the understanding that our physique develops according to the way we move it. The focus of this series of classes is to create strength and length through repetition and mindful movement with an effective cardio component to enhance a sculpted feminine physique.

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Bodytree Body (BTB)

This one-hour heart-pumping class, combines intermittent full body sculpting with light weights, dance cardio and high intensity intervals for a lean sculpted physique. Join us to experience the most effective body sculpting workout in town and have a great time while you’re burning and toning! Don’t forget your trainers! Minimum fitness level required due to high intensity/impact. Instructors must be notified of any existing or prior injuries due to the intensity of the sessions.


Stepping up from Bodytree Body, this advanced class is for those who are taking their fitness up another gear. It continues to develop a long, lean and toned physique through high repetitions and light weight training. Adding to the intensity of HIIT intervals, the class allows you to reap continued cardiovascular benefits and metabolic effects.

Kickstart your Bodytree Body practice or take it back to basics if you’re already an advanced practitioner, and take your form to the next level with BTB Control: the ultimate class to focus on the fundamental movements of Bodytree Body.

Like all BTB classes, BTB Control also combines light weight toning for lean and long muscles, and cardio interval bursts for maximum calorie burn, but in simpler form, making this class suitable for beginners to join.

Bodytree Body has been created for women, by women, playing to a woman’s strength with the understanding that our bodies physiologically work differently to mens, leaving you with a more feminine physique.

Trainers/sneakers required for this class.


BTB Control minus the HIIT cardio element, solely on the mat to keep you ultra focused as you move through slow, controlled strengthening and sculpting exercises.


Toning & cardio class on trampoline! Amazing for lymphatic drainage and cellulite! Rebounding on a trampoline is a metabolic supporting exercise, which is key to weight loss plus it’s so incredibly fun! In line with the original BTB programme, Bounce continues with intermittent full body sculpting using light weights and high repetitions to sculpt and tone and includes a series of HIIT to reap maximum cardiovascular benefits.


Focusing solely on the dance cardio element of Bodytree Body, this class is a fast-paced Dance aerobics session guaranteed to raise your endorphins and challenge both your cardiovascular endurance and increase mental focus. A great addition to any fast-paced, mind-body programme, guaranteed to bring out the dancer in you!

BTB Barre
BTB Barre is a multi-level class geared to challenge bodies of any age, gender, or fitness background.
The technique combines elements of ballet, light resistance, and cardiovascular fitness all in one session, offering exercises that can be modified for beginners, prenatal, or persons with injuries, but can also be amplified for advanced clients that are looking for an extreme challenge.
The BTB Barre system sculpts the body proportionally so that all body parts are equally challenged. This total body workout serves to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the body from top to bottom, from inside out. The end result is a long and lean physique, without added bulk.

made by womenfor women

BTB Team

Our uniquely talented and experienced team, many of whom have danced professionally, guide students of all skill levels through high energy, pulse-pounding dance experiences!