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Private Classes

Add variety, Attention & Exclusivity to Your Fitness Regime

Private Classes at Bodytree

Private sessions are the fastest way to progress your practice! An experienced instructor will work one-on-one with you adjusting the intensity of work to the level appropriate for you. We can create bespoke packages, yoga and Pilates combinations and we can also arrange for duets or trios if you would prefer to attend with a friend. Bodytree’s idea of private sessions breaks the conventional fitness training norms in many ways.

First, it departs from the formulaic ‘workout in gym’ programmess that rarely fit everyone’s comfort zone and endorses the atypical workout methods like Pilates and barre.

Second, it promises the practical benefits of one-on-one approach usually missing from the group lessons.

Third, our experienced trainers in Abu Dhabi specialise in creating bespoke packages after assessing the individual requirements, thereby completely eliminating the one-size-fits-all norm often practiced at the traditional gyms.

Benefit from Exclusive Attention

In a private session, the instructor would pay undivided attention to your postures, techniques and execution. In other words, the instructor’s knowledge and experience would be exclusively available to extract the maximum benefits out of each and every moment of the session. Enjoy exclusive care and motivation and experience faster progression with our private trainers.

Customise the Way You Want

No need to follow the pack as you and the instructor can tailor the sessions to meet your individual fitness goals. Whether you aim to recover from an illness or injury or want to pursue pain management, every session would be planned in the right direction. In addition, add variety to the classes though exciting combos like yoga with Pilates or Yoga, Pilates and barre and so on.




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