Program & Class Descriptions

Our dance program is developed and run by a group of professional dancers through The Emirates School of Dance at Bodytree. Emphasis is placed on developing a solid foundation in dance technique as well as fostering a child’s artistic self-expression. Our curriculum is aligned with global dance standards allowing us to offer a rigorous but not rigid series of classes that adapts to each individual child.

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PLEASE NOTE: Ages and years of experience listed are just guidelines. Please sign your child up for the level you think is the best fit for their current level. For all fall classes, students will be assessed by our teachers during either the spring (Ramadan Dance Weeks) or fall (week of Sep. 2) assessment period and then placed in the correct level for them to optimally enjoy and progress, regardless of age or prior experience.

All of our kids dance classes are mixed and open to both boys and girls, with the exception of the Boys Only section of Dance Prep C/D, which caters to 5-6-year-old boys. View the Dress Code here.

New students are required to be assessed to be placed in the appropriate dance level.
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Dance Preparation (for ages 2-6)

Mommy & Me (ages 2, with parent or caregiver; 30 minutes) Mommy & Me is designed for 2-year-olds. This creative movement class offers a fun and safe space for your little one to explore the basic foundations of dance along with you or another caregiver. The half-hour class is designed for children to explore and learn new basic locomotor skills including walking, running, hopping, jumping, rolling, crawling, skipping, sliding, galloping and leaping. By combining locomotor skills and creative movement, students create simple dances and are introduced to the basic concepts of dance: body/action, space, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, balance and social skills. Parent is present in the room with the student. Dads and nannies are welcome too!

Dance Prep (ages 3 – 6, no previous experience needed) Dance Prep is our series of leveled movement classes designed to help younger children progressively master the fundamental movement and rhythm skills needed to begin more formal training in any style of dance. The series moves students through basic locomotor skills including walking, running, hopping, jumping, rolling, crawling, skipping, sliding, galloping and leaping. By combining locomotor skills and creative movement with fun games and music in a thoughtful progression, students begin to create simple dances and continue to understand the basic concepts of dance: body/action, space, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, balance and social skills. By the end of the series they will have mastered the fundamental positions and rhythms of basic dance and be well-prepared to start more advanced training in any specific technique. The Dance Prep series serves as a gateway into more disciplined practice in all other styles of dance & movement in our program (including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, yoga, etc.).

·      Dance Prep A (age 3, 30 minutes)

·      Dance Prep B (age 4, 45 minutes)

·      Dance Prep C (age 5, 45 minutes)

·      Dance Prep D (age 6, 45 minutes)

·      Dance Prep C/D – Boys  (ages 5-6; 45 minutes)

Ballet (for ages 6-18)

Ballet 1 (age 6-7, no previous experience needed, but Dance Prep or equivalent is recommended; 45 minutes) Ballet 1 is designed as the transition from the basic movement curriculum of Dance Prep into ballet-specific technique classes. Students continue to build on the basic concepts of dance (body/action, space, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, balance and social skills) while learning the fundamental elements of classical ballet technique with barre and center work. The goals of this class are to build correct alignment, strengthen the core, learn and execute key vocabulary and skills. This class prepares students to enter more advanced levels of ballet, and serves to strengthen their skills in other dance styles.

Ballet 2 (age 8-9, Prerequisite: Ballet 1 or equivalent; 55 mins) Ballet 2 builds onto the foundation of the Ballet 1 class to introduce children to the structure of classical ballet including more advanced barre & center work. Goals of the class are to teach correct alignment, strengthen the core, learn and execute key vocabulary and skills in beginning ballet.

Ballet 3 (ages 10-11, Prerequisite: Ballet 2 or equivalent; 55 mins) Ballet 3 builds on the barre and center work of Ballet 2. This level focuses on continuing to build classical technique and requires increased discipline & focus to allow the children to establish a base of ballet movement repertoire.

Ballet 4 (ages 12-13, Prerequisite: Ballet 3 or equivalent; 55 mins) Ballet 4 is a class that continues to build the barre work foundation developed in Ballet 3 and furthers the expectation of discipline & technique in classical ballet technique. Ballet 3 is a pre-pointe class that includes exercises to prepare students for pointe work if/when they are ready.

Ballet 5 (ages 13+, Prerequisite: Ballet 4 or equivalent; 75 mins) For advanced dancers, Ballet 5 continues to enhance classical technique (including barre and center work) towards more advanced levels incorporating introductory pointe work skills.

Pre-Pointe (ages 11-12, Prerequisite: Ballet 4 or equivalent; 30 mins) For students to develop the strength to work en pointe, this class provides dedicated time to continue developing the strength and technique needed to progress in classical ballet technique.

Advanced Ballet + Repertory (ages 13+, Prerequisite: Ballet 4 or equivalent; 75 mins) Pre-professional technique class for accomplished teen dancers, this class includes barre and center work at the advanced level (including work en pointe) and work learning classical ballet choreography for performance opportunities.

Pointe (ages 13+, Prerequisite: Ballet 5 or equivalent; 30 mins) For students already working en pointe, this class provides dedicated time to continue developing the strength and technique needed to progress in classical ballet technique.

Teen & Adult Ballet/Contemporary (ages 15+, no previous experience needed; 75 mins at Bodytree, 55 mins at Saadiyat Beach Club) This open-level drop-in class suitable for beginner to intermediate levels allows older teens and adults to learn and develop classical ballet technique and Horton technique contemporary dance in alternating weeks (one week a ballet class; the next a contemporary class) while improving coordination, strength, body alignment and flexibility. A fun class learning the basics, and improving strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Tap (for ages 6-18)

Tap 1 (ages 6-8, no previous experience needed, but Dance Prep or equivalent is recommended; 45 mins) This is an introductory tap class suited to younger students that teaches fundamental rhythms and steps of tap dancing.

Tap 2 (ages 9+, Prerequisite: Tap 1 or equivalent; 55 mins) This class teaches the fundamentals of tap dancing to older students. It is open to beginner tappers but will progress more quickly than Tap 1 and include more complex rhythms and combinations as the term moves forward.

Contemporary (for ages 9-18)

Contemporary 1 (ages 9-10, Prerequisite: no previous experience needed, but Ballet 1 or Jazz 1 or equivalent is recommended; 55 mins) This class teaches the basics of contemporary, modern, and lyrical techniques to beginning dancers. Elements of improvisation will also be introduced.

Contemporary 2 (ages 11-12, Prerequisite: Contemporary 1 or equivalent; 55 mins) For students with at least one year of contemporary, jazz, or ballet, this class offers an introduction to Horton, Graham, & Limon modern and contemporary techniques while also encouraging dancers to develop a greater sense of artistry and self-expression. Work on improvisation will be further developed.

Advanced Contemporary + Repertory (ages 13+, Prerequisite: Contemporary 2 or equivalent; 55 mins) For advanced dancers ages 13+ who have completed two or more years of contemporary dance. This is an advanced technique class that focuses on self-expression and specification of movement. Floor work, qualitative movement, improvisation, and inversions are covered throughout the year. Elements of Graham, Limon, and Horton techniques offer the students a broad range of contemporary dance concepts. Self-exploration and highly vigorous conditioning and phrase work set this class apart from the traditional technique class. Students will learn more complex and demanding choreography for performance opportunities.

Jazz (for ages 7-18)

Jazz 1 (ages 7-8, no previous experience needed, but Dance Prep or equivalent is recommended; 45 mins) This beginning jazz class introduces students to basic jazz movement and musicality. Students will learn coordination and balance as well as space and body awareness in a fun and energetic environment

Jazz 2 (ages 9-10, Prerequisite: Jazz 1 or equivalent; 55 mins) For students who have at least one year of jazz dance training. Jazz 2 students will build on traditional and contemporary jazz technique further developing their flexibility, coordination, strength, and musical timing.

Jazz 3 (ages 11-12, Prerequisite: Jazz 2 or equivalent; 55 mins) For intermediate jazz dancers who have completed at least 2 years of jazz dance. The class builds on fundamental technique and choreography, and helps dancers further develop strength, flexibility, coordination, rhythm, & style.

Advanced Jazz + Repertory (ages 13+, Prerequisite: Jazz 3 or equivalent; 55 mins) For advanced dancers who have completed three or more years of jazz dance. The class will further develop classical and contemporary jazz technique and learn more complex and demanding choreography for performance opportunities.

Hip Hop (for ages 7-18)

Hip Hop 1 (ages 7-9, no previous experience needed, but Dance Prep or equivalent is recommended; 45 mins) This is an introductory class accessible to younger dancers that teaches some of the fundamental movements and rhythms of hip hop set to fun pop music.

Hip Hop 2 (ages 10-14, no previous experience needed; 55 mins) This open-level class with internationally-renowned choreographer Nadar Musharbash gives young dancers the opportunity to train like they would in London or Los Angeles, to learn routines built for developing creativity, technical ability, strength, stage presence and team work. Designed for all abilities, his class is made to train students in a fun and engaging environment, setting high standards and enhancing performance ability for a future career performing in competitions, on concert stages or TV.

Teen & Adult Hip Hop (ages 15+, some dance or movement experience recommended; 55 mins) This open-level drop-in class with internationally-renowned choreographer Nadar Musharbash gives teens and adults the opportunity to learn hip hop dance like they would in London or Los Angeles, to practice routines built for developing creativity, technical ability, & strength. Designed for all abilities, the class is made to train students in a fun and engaging environment. Some previous dance or movement experience (like Zumba or Dance Cardio) is recommended.

Teen Fitness (for ages 13-18)

Teen Xtend Barre (ages 13+, no previous experience needed; 55 mins) The Teen Xtend Barre class is a dance-inspired fitness class for teens that combines elements of Pilates and ballet to create a dynamic and safe workout. The class focuses on movement of the whole body, helping teens at any level improve their cardio fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Teen Tone (ages 13+, no previous experience needed; 55 mins) Teen Tone is a teen-friendly stretching, strengthening, and cardio class, combining intermittent strength-training using the barre and a bit of dance cardio to get the heart pumping. Teens will enjoy getting a great workout to fun, popular music.

Teen Roll Out (ages 13+, no previous experience needed; 55 mins) This class was designed to help teen dancers and athletes establish better posture, balance, release muscle tension, and increase range of motion in their bodies. Teens will learn how to use therapeutic balls, blocks, props and functional movements to release tight fascia, increase blood flow, and circulation to the soft tissues. The exercises are practiced on the floor seated, lying on the back, and the belly, and help develop a greater general body awareness for active teens.

Teen Zumba® (ages 13+, no previous experience needed; 55 mins) Just for teens, with its infectious Latin rhythms and party atmosphere, Zumba is an ideal way for any teenager to incorporate fun fitness into their weekly routine. Teen Zumba® features teen-friendly routines based on original Zumba® choreography.

Pilates for Advanced Dancers (ages 13+, instructor permission required to enroll; 55 mins) This class is targeted towards advanced teen dancers with developed ballet technique and trains them on Pilates equipment, particularly the reformer.  The class increases strength, flexibility, and stability for advanced levels of dance.