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Shahad Labelle

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Shahad Labelle


Shahad’s classes are an enrapturing combination of rhythm, fluidity, and fire. She is fiercely dedicated to intuitive and flowing movement that embody curiosity, complexity, and lightheartedness through seamlessly choreographed transitions.

While her teaching is refreshing and light, she incorporates precise cues and pose breakdowns to help students understand the movements of their bodies and the path to personal growth. Her unconventional approach embraces body-positive language, radical presence, and a heartfelt connection to your authentic self.

Shahad believes you’re already perfect, and her classes remind you how to occupy your entire body with compassion and power. Guided by intuition and compassion, she believes that every student is also everyone’s teacher and is so grateful and excited to be sharing her love for yoga, personal transcendence and much more.

by emily musharbash