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Children’s Wellness

Children's Wellness with Nicola Wakeling


Nicola supports parents and children to increase happiness, calm, acceptance, and clarity, reducing stress, worries, and anxieties through simple techniques that can be taken through life and used with ease.

Using mindfulness and EFT tapping techniques that enable you to heal your mind and body to reconnect with peace and joy.

Prior to joining Bodytree as a Mindfulness Mentor and EFT practitioner in 2019, Nicola enjoyed a 15+ year career as a teacher both in the UK and UAE. Nicola has worked with all age groups and abilities, including a wide range of Special Educational Needs.

Through her teaching and parenting journey, she has developed a deep understanding of her own neurodivergence and identified the triggers that impact her well-being as well as an abundance of tools to support her. As she is passionate about helping people, Nicola regularly adds to her knowledge and training to be able to support others to find what works for each individual to reach their optimal happiness.

About Nicola

As a resultyour child will

Feel empowered to effectively manage life's big feelings and emotions.

Be able to embrace all of life's ups and downs, knowing that all feelings are ok and will pass.

Have greater acceptance and compassion for yourself and other people.

Enjoy an increased focus, clarity and concentration in day to day life.

Become more self aware of what you need in any moment and compassionate towards the needs of others.

Create positive habits that will increase your overall happiness and well-being.

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