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Intuitive Reading with Neus session

Intuitive Reading with Neus session


Intuitive Reading personal 1:1 sessions can solve the spiritual disconnect one feels in their life.

Centered around females, these sessions provide you with the exact intuitive guidance to navigate daily life, leaving you feel liberated and empowered.  It will also help release and resolve emotional baggage and subconscious limiting patterns and expand self love to create a fulfilling & committed personal relationship. 

· Brings clarity to life

· Uncovers the reason behind suffering/misfortune

· Releases blocked energy

· Helps to deal with past trauma

· Allows you to discover your hidden talents

· Helps to install a positive attitude during hardships

· Brings harmony in personal and professional life

· Facilitates spiritual awakening

· Reconnects you with your strengths and gifts

· Strengthens your intuitive powers

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