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Private 3 sessions with Houry

Private 3 sessions with Houry


3 private sessions with Houry may include:

Heart Rate Variability Test
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the basis of a new science that is built on a breakthrough in the understanding of autonomic nervous system balance and its relationship to subtle heart and breathing rhythms.
HRV reflects the variation in the time interval between heartbeats. HRV monitors coherence which is a state of internal synchronization between the heart, breath and brain.
There is a growing acceptance within the broad medical community that HRV amplitude is a key indicator of overall health status. This is based on research that also shows the heart, rather than the brain, to be the master organ of the body.
MiHealth Pain/Tension Relief 
The miHealth is a non-invasive, electrotherapeutic, hand-held device using non-invasive neuro-stimulation that can be used to alleviate acute and chronic pain, improve blood circulation, perform passive muscle stimulation and facilitate functional restoration and improvement.
Used by a growing group of doctors and therapists around the world, the NES miHealth is being hailed as an exciting breakthrough in the world of optimum health and wellbeing.
This device is also an incredible, non-emergency resource for those with muscle and joint soreness and injuries. It is used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with NES Health BioEnergetix.
Energy Healing 

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