Anita von Müllen Skafte

Anita is a Dane who’s lived in Abu Dhabi for the past 12 years. Her love of physical fitness started at a young age when she became a keen basketball player, eventually playing in the best league in Denmark. After moving to Abu Dhabi she changed her game to netball and she belonged to the netball community here in Abu Dhabi for 7 years, playing for Abu Dhabi in the Intergulf Tournaments.
Anita started her Pilates journey after experiencing arthritis pains through her neck and shoulders, which initially forced her to stop playing netball. “I did mat Pilates for approximately 6 mths and then I was pain free. It was a revelation to me that I could free myself of this pain and I started taking a real interest in Pilates”.
Anita became a Stott Pilates mat and reformer instructor and is focusing her training around a very individual approach to each client. “We all have different postures, strength and weaknesses and through this understanding of individuality, I try to facilitate the best all round workout both in individual and group classes”.
Pilates is a skill, that once learnt, is a lifelong benefit!