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Why Kids need to practice Mindfulness as much as Adults do

With Laura-Helene Kopinski, Kids and Pre Natal Yoga Instructor at Bodytree


It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year and especially for the little ones! We all know how exciting and chaotic it can get. But It’s time for everyone to take a break and enjoy the upcoming festive holidays.

Who knew that the day would come where parents would schedule YOGA dates for their children? As we are living in the busiest and most stressful time in history, it only means that our children are getting also affected by this energy. If you ask me, YOGA is the best activity you can offer your kids. Had I known about yoga when I was younger and the positive effect it has, it would have helped me manage my expectation, thinking and emotions in many ways.

I believe it is important to first examine your own self, your desires, your beliefs, your purpose and the reason why you are here today. As parents, you are playing an important role in your kid’s lives, even when you are not consciously around them. Believe it or not, kids understand and feel stress as much as adults do. Handling these feelings in a mindful manner will help your children understand their own emotions better. Meditative practice is something that you can share with your child and promote within your family.

Some people are afraid to get to know themselves, to listen to who they are because that means facing reality and truth. Being mindful and aware takes deep practice as you will come face to face with parts of yourself that you may not be comfortable with. WHICH IS COMPLETELY NORMAL! Without YOU, there is no communication. Hence your role is vital for the kids in your lives.

Starting yoga at a young age gives children a fruitful understanding of life where they can build self-confidence and self-esteem. In my kids yoga classes, I invite children to explore this journey of getting to know themselves in a fun and enjoyable sequence.

Children are constantly on the go and are being told what to do. Parents want the best for their kids but they forget that kids are also meant to play, make mistakes and be bored. Children need to discover the world on their own. Telling them to think harder, do it better, or be a certain way because it’s good for them is not the optimal way.

Instead we need to create a loving and a creative non-competitive environment for them to discover their own self. As a life coach for kids, I encourage children to follow their passion and dreams. I believe we all know our true purpose on this planet since the day we are born. However, external factors could have a great impact by moulding children into someone they are not.

When we go through difficult yoga poses, I emphasize to them that they can do mistakes and fall on their mats a thousand times, which encourages them to get back on their feet and to try again. But the most important message is to also make them feel that it is OKAY to fall. Through games and storytelling, we do various animal and nature asanas, which engage their minds to deepen their awareness.

I welcome kids with special needs in my classes to work on strength, stability, body awareness and flexibility. Whatever your child’s personality, participating yoga on a regular basis can have the same benefits it has on you. Our mind is such a powerful tool that training it from a young age to become more mindful, though breathing techniques and meditation, has a positive effect on both happiness and health.

Allowing your children to be themselves and to feel free is the best gift you can give them, after all we are all gifts from the Universe. Happy Holidays!

Laura teaches Kids Yoga every Monday at Bodytree. She teaches kids to embrace co-operation rather than competition and most importantly, to empower themselves to become more self-aware adults. Email info@bodytreestudio.com for full details and to book a space for your child.

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