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5 Tips to get motivated to exercise NOW

Written by Anissa Lickrish

It’s hard to believe that 6 months have passed since our collective worlds have changed so suddenly and dramatically. Many of us turned to coping strategies with various positive and negative affects. But as we are literally half a year into this new world, weariness and resignation do not need to be our prevailing emotions.

Exercise is amazing for our physical AND mental health. At the very least it can take your mind away from your daily worries for the hour of class. I have 5 tips to get you started on a healthier lifestyle for now and for the future.

1. Make a weekly schedule and fit in your workouts. With kids in and out of school and/or the home becoming the office, a schedule is imperative. Every Saturday take a look at your upcoming week and enter your workouts. Make it a non-negotiable. 

2. Get online!! This is the easiest way to fit in a workout. Bodytree offers a full schedule of online classes. If you can’t make the class at the scheduled time we will send you the recording. I’ve had feedback from clients who were too shy to try a new class in studio but now love the workouts they re doing from the anonymity of their “home studio”. Another tip related to home workouts…Put your workout clothes on in the morning. Once you have your leggings on it’s a lot harder to skip that workout 😉

3. Get outside. Vitamin D is so important right now. Start with a walk. Add in a run. We’ve been so lucky to have milder weather than anyone expected. Take advantage and get moving outside. 

4. Be realistic and listen to your body. Now is not the time to put unrealistic or unnecessary pressure on yourself. If exercise makes you feel good (and it should), then try different classes and do what you love. Exercise should benefit your mental and physical health. If instead you are feeling pressure (external or internal) to lose weight and this pressure is adding to anxieties, then take it easy. Make sure that your health journey is making you feel better not worse. Breathe-Meditate-Check in with a loved one.

5. Have a look at what you are eating. I know, I know, but this is truly the most transformative area of your life. Comfort foods are often processed and full of sugar. These foods can often trigger anxiety as your body is not meant to process chemicals. The easiest change might be simply swapping out a sugary snack for some fruit. Since we are home a lot more now, get in the kitchen and start making all your meals and snacks. Challenge yourself and/or your family to stop eating anything that comes out of a package. Give it a try. When you start eating healthful foods you will actually feel fuller! 

If you have any questions or are looking for advice on how to get motivated please do not hesitate to contact me or other Bodytree trainers. We are all human and on our own health journeys. Give yourself patience and love and you will achieve the health goals you might think are unattainable.

Anissa is a STOTT Pilates certified teacher, and co-founder of Bodytree’s signature training programme, Bodytree Body. Aside from Pilates and Bodytree Body, Anissa is a classically trained ballet and Barre teacher.

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