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Recipe: Chocolate Vegan Mousse

by Mira, Co Owner of Nectar

This delicious mousse will satisfy your chocolate craving without compromising your health!

Servings 2

2 ripe Haas Avocados
1/3 c Nectar house-made cashew milk or almond milk
3 T cocoa powder
2 T maple syrup
1 t vanilla extract
1/8 t Himalayan pink sea salt
Topping options: Handful of mixed berries, vegan shaved chocolate or bee pollen

1. Using a blender, add the avocado, cocoa powder, maple syrup and vanilla extract. Blend and slowly add the cashew milk until a smooth consistency is achieved.
2. Pour mixture out into ramekins and chill for 1 hour or more in the refrigerator.
3. Remove from fridge, add your favourite toppings and enjoy!

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